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Top 5 reasons to buy casks in an auction


While the reasons to selling a cask through an auction is quite clear, there are many different reasons why one would buy casks this way. Read the top 5 reasons and decide for yourself! 

1. Access to unique and difficult to find casks
Bidders will have access to casks that would ordinarily be hidden away in someone’s private collection. Instead of brokering these in a private deal, an auction enables private and trade individuals all around the globe to place their bids on rare finds.  

2. No fixed price

Place your offer and see what happens. You get a second or a third chance to bid instead of blindly paying a fixed price!

3. Get a cask of whisky at a bargain

Every auction starts at a certain minimum but if you’re lucky maybe you’ll pay less than you would pay through a private sell. 

4. Validation

 At Auction Your Cask, before putting a cask in an auction, the sellers go through a due-diligence process, as well as the casks undergo a re-gauge (= a health-check). A process that takes several weeks and can drag a private deal on, is all done prior to the auction and all appropriate paperwork is in place. 

5. Samples available

As a part of the re-gauge process, in most cases, there is a possibility to draw samples. Auction Your Cask will draw 0,7L samples from the to-be auctioned casks and make them available to serious bidders prior to the auction.