Is the cask full?

Once the cask has been filled originally, the volume of spirit will slowly start to decrease over time as the alcohol evaporates from the cask, known as the angel’s share. All of the casks in the auction have been re-gauged to see what the current volume of liquid in the cask is, listed as the RLA.

What is the angels share?

Natural evaporation of the alcohol in your cask. Around 2% a year but varies depending on warehouse, location, temperature.

What size is my cask?

Casks come in three sizes; barrels at 200 bulk litres, hogsheads (essentially barrels re-assembled with extra staves) at 250 litres, and sherry butts at 500 litres. Most barrels and hogsheads will have been used for the maturation of bourbon whisky, although sherry-seasoned hogsheads are not unheard of. Sherry butts will fetch higher prices than barrels not only for the much larger quantity of whisky that they hold, but also for the premium attached to sherry-matured scotch.

Refill vs first fill

First fill casks are being used for whisky for the first time, the casks have only previously held their original contents, usually bourbon or sherry. Refill casks have previously been used to mature whisky.

Storage cost?

Storage prices vary but are usually around 30p - £1.00 per week, depending on the warehouse and the size of the cask.

How do you estimate the number of bottles in a cask?

The estimated number of bottles will always be based on the most recent re-gauge (within the last six months), the ABV of the whisky and a standard 70cl bottle size. Please be advised this is an estimate only; bottle estimates are for guidance only and are not an exact figure.

Can I bottle some now and leave the rest in my cask for longer?

It is possible, however we do not usually recommend part bottling a ask.

Where is my cask stored and can I move it?

Not all of the casks are stored in the same warehouse, if a cask is purchased the warehouse will be named on your certificate. Transport of casks between warehouses, if requested, also incurs costs. This is normally between £200 - £300, depending on the distances involved.

Is my cask insured?

We can help to find insurance and in some circumstances we may be able to provide cask insurance.

Can I Request Samples?

Yes! You can request samples of your whisky cask. You can also request a re-gauge to give an update on your cask's maturation.

What are the costs of bottling my cask?

There are a number of costs involved with bottling a cask. There is a bottling fee, around £1-2 per bottle. The cost of a bottle £1.50+ and labelling of the bottle £0.50p+. Taxes if delivering to the UK will also have to be paid, Duty (currently £28.74 per litre of alcohol (RLA) and VAT upon the duty, currently 20%. It is also important to remember transportation costs that may be required.



How Do I Know it's Real?

Due to strict government control, each cask has a paper trail known as a 'Delivery Order' and a unique cask number.

What are the buyer’s fees?

The buyers fee is 10% of the final auction price.

What are the seller’s fees?

We do not charge a seller’s fee.

I have won a cask, what is the payment procedure?

Your confirmation email will contain instructions on how to pay for your cask. We ask for full and final payment within 7 working days. Before we invoice you, we will need to conduct our HMRC Due Diligence where we’ll require a small amount of information from you, including proof of address and a photo ID.

Due to the sensitive nature of alcohol and the high values attached to casks of single malt whisky, we do not accept card payment and Paypal. International transfers of any currency will be accepted through BACS, Swift or Revolute.

What legal documents will I receive to prove I am the new owner of the cask?

As soon as we receive payment for your cask, we will provide you with a receipt and written confirmation of transfer of ownership, certification, and/or a delivery order (DO). At this point, storage and insurance becomes your responsibility.

How long will the auction last?

The Auction will run for 10 days, starting at 12:00hrs on a Monday and concluding at 18:00hrs on a Thursday. Bidding is only accepted whilst the auction is running and must be submitted via the online platform.

Where are the casks sourced from?

The lots on our auction are owned privately and are lying at different warehouses across Scotland. Typical owners are private individuals who have received position of these casks either from purchase, inheritance, or gift.

How do I get a whisky valuation?

This can be done via the link on our website.

Do I have to pay VAT?

VAT will be added to all charges.

Do people know what item I am bidding on?

Users identity will never be revealed in the bidding process.  Bid history will shows only the amount of the previous bids. You will see your own bids on items. 

What are the bidding increments?

We have a structured bidding system - See Below.


Current Next Bid


£1,000 - £2,499


£2,500 - £4,999


£5,000 - £24,999


£25,000 - £49,999


£50,000 +


Do I have to keep checking the auction every day to see if I am winning?

We will send you push notifications and emails to ensure you are kept up to date with your bidding items. Please ensure you select this option when you sign up.  This can be amended at any time within your account.