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How it works 

  • As the world’s first, cask-dedicated, live online auction, we offer your cask maximum exposure to our expansive global audience.
  • Sellers can have peace in mind that the process will be handled smoothly and efficiently with a point of contact along the way. You can be confident that your cask is in good hands with the experienced and reputable Master Whisky Auctioneers.
  • Sellers enjoy a 0% seller commission rate on all lots being sold.
  • Our auctions are a proven success, with £600,000+ worth of casks sold to date.
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Step 1 - Get in touch

Start by giving us a call or sending us an email. We will need the details of your cask so feel free to include those right away. Or, you can simply request a valuation form and we will get back to you! 

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Step 2 - Verification and Samples

Once we have all the details of your cask, we’ll be in touch directly to confirm the provenance and ownership of your cask in line with our counterfeit policy.

We will also require a 200ml sample from the cask so that prospective bidders can sample the whisky and for us to write tasting notes and discuss the liquid quality with you. Regauges are typically not necessary if your cask has been re-gauged within the last six months. If a regauge is necessary then we will request a sample at the same time.

All casks are sold as of the last re-gauge date, and we are not liable for any loss of liquid or fall in ABV since the last re-gauge. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

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Step 3 - Valuations, Estimates and Reserves

When we have all the necessary details for your cask, we will work closely with you on a valuation and an auction estimate range based on our market knowledge and expertise. We will agree a mutually agreed reserve price with you for the auction at no extra cost.

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Step 4 - Payment

If you are successful, at the end of the auction you will receive a DocuSign form which will detail the payment timing and require you to provide us with your bank details.  Please monitor your inbox for emails from “DocuSign” so as not to hold up the process. This will include reviewing your “spam” folder.

Once the auction has ended and we have conducted our necessary HMRC due diligence, we request payment from winning bidders within 7 working days from the invoice date (so 8-10 working days after the auction has ended).

If the cask is held under Cask Trade’s licence then once payment has been received from the buyer, we will transfer the funds to you within 21 working days. So please allow 28 working days from the end of the auction to the final payment.  (Please note that buyers may be overseas and international transfers take longer than domestic transfers.) We will also arrange the transfer of ownership of the cask into the Buyer’s name on your behalf.

If your cask is not held under Cask Trade’s licence, we will require you to contact whoever holds the cask to issue a Delivery Order from you to transfer ownership under our, or the customer’s licence. Once we’re in receipt of the funds from the buyer we will transfer 50% of the sale on receipt to you and the remaining 50% once the cask transfer is complete.

Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

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