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How-To Guide on Buying Whisky Casks

Thinking about buying a whisky cask, but don’t know what’s involved? If that’s the case, this post below is just for you. The Auction Your Cask team has written a really helpful guide - explaining everything you need to know before you buy a whisky cask. Read on to learn more about all the steps involved, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today at +44 (0)203 746 3030.


If you want to buy whisky casks, the first thing you must do is register to bid in our private auctions. To view our live auctions and bid too, you need to pay £5 to validate your account; this is a one-off payment and gives you access to all our future auctions.

Our Cask Auctions and Lots

It’s vital that you understand how our auctions work, and our casks for sale. Here at Auction Your Cask, we hold auctions four times a year. Our auctions run for 10 days, and bidding is only enabled during the auction, and must be done via our online platform.

We provide as much information as possible about the casks we have for sale in auction. This includes essential details such as the distillery the whisky was distilled at when the cask was filled and the type of cask. All of our lots have an estimate, with an upper and lower figure. All lots have a reserve price too - this is usually agreed between us and the seller.

Bidding on a Cask

After you have registered and decided to bid on a cask of your choice, it is time for you to enter a bid. Once your bid has been submitted, you begin a contractual agreement with us, and your bid cannot be withdrawn. You can monitor all of your bids via our online dashboard; if you are successful in an auction, we’ll email you a confirmation and notify you on our platform too.

Making Payment

In your confirmation email, you will find instructions on paying for your cask. Payment is requested by us within 7 working days, and we’ll need to carry out the required HMRC Due Diligence checks too. The buyers’ fee is 15% of the final auction price.

Storage and insurance are the new owner’s responsibility; they can range from £28 to £110 a year. Transport of casks also adds costs - usually, this is around £100 to £200. Once payment is received for your cask, we’ll give you a receipt, written confirmation of transfer of ownership and certification.

Buy Whisky Casks

Should you be interested in buying a whisky cask, then Auction Your Cask is the place to come. We provide an excellent buying and selling experience that is fully transparent, smooth, and straightforward. Visit our website to view our previous auctions. If you have any questions or would like to speak with our team - then please call us on +44 (0)203 746 3030. You can also email us directly at and we’ll respond to you shortly.