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Going, going, gone!

It's no secret that whisky auctions provide an extremely lucrative exit strategy. We're seeing time and time again whisky lots hitting record sales numbers at auction, so we know whisky sells.

Take the Macallan 'Perfect Collection', which recently finished the second lot of its online auctions with it smashing the record of being the most valuable single collection of whisky sold to date, and the most valuable online whisky auction ever held. It sold for an overall total of £6.675m...!

The online whisky auction world has had to evolve and adapt this past year, and we are proud to say we have rolled with the punches and come out the other side bigger and better! Auction Your Cask is the first live, dedicated cask whisky auction in the world. We’re here to help you sell your cask to our international audience, and enjoy the returns of your investment.

Our auctions are a proven success so why not take advantage of the opportunity to sell to a worldwide network of interested independent bottlers and investors? Request a cask valuation here.

Auction Highlights

Springbank 1995 

Our auction is offering a brilliant opportunity to get your hands on a rare 1995 Springbank, which has matured in a Sherry Hogshead; something you won't come across often! With a Sherry Cask like this, a great opportunity is forged with elegant dark fruit flavours, smooth and delicious coffee beans with hints of that signature smokiness.

Owned by the well-respected J&A Mitchell & Company, Springbank distillery is one of the classic names in the market. Their unique location and story shines through the nearly mythical landscapes of Kintyre Peninsula. Its whiskies provide a thoroughly authentic malt-experience, making the deep and sempiternal flavours of the whisky tradition dance on your tongue.

Springbank is a brilliant choice for all kinds of investors and fans due to its legendary reputation and flavour profile, which includes an earthy smoke, thick and rich profile varying from its soft sweetness to slight seaside saltiness. A whisky that truly takes you to the location!

Tamdhu 2014 

We have a Tamdhu 2014 in the line-up which has matured in a Sherry Butt, offering you a profile you can expect from the masterful crafters at the Tamdhu distillery. This gives you a chance to invest in a whisky with rich flavour and history - an excellent combination to have in this industry.

There is one distillery, which some people could think of as a synonym for not just quality, but the amazing range of Sherry cask matured whiskies. This place is called Tamdhu or "Little dark hill" in Gaelic, and its roots lie in the exceptional history and selection of the "best of the best" Spanish sherry casks.

Located by the well-known banks of the River Spey, Tamdhu distillery has crafted its renowned image over the years and perfected its own style, with the aim for mouth-watering precision.

Ben Nevis 1998

The 1998 Ben Nevis is a brilliant investment opportunity, as the 1990s were a successful period for the distillery. In the late 1990s, Ben Nevis became very popular among collectors and enthusiasts, meaning that most of this whisky has been either bottled or drunk altogether. At the same time, this means that there are only very few casks left in the market, making this a rare and fantastic chance to own something truly special. 

Sitting next to the foot of the famous mountain of Ben Nevis, the distillery bearing the same name enjoys amazing views of the primordial heights of the mountain with their deep and oily old-school whisky. One could say that this exceptional presence of the altitude and taste profile symbolises the success story of the distillery and is seen particularly well in the current whisky market.

Miltonduff 2003

Miltonduff distillery may not be one of the “biggest” names in the market, but this is exactly the point that can make this 2003 Miltonduff a wonderful investment. How often can one come across around 18-years old Speyside cask whisky, which still can offer a good window for further maturation? Simultaneously, 18 years of maturation can give you an outstanding chance to bottle this beauty of a cask, without you having to wait for too long.

Miltonduff distillery, being one of the strong names in the mighty region of Speyside has a long tradition of crafting whiskies with masterful elegancy. Many of its editions have been bottled by well-established bottling companies and they have brought joy to demanding whisky drinkers and collectors alike. On the top of this, the distillery provides their whisky for many renowned blenders such as Ballantines, due to the silky smooth and fruity profile.

2015 Knockdhu

We have a 2015 Knockdhu Sherry Puncheon up for auction, which is definitely not something ordinary. This sherry cask can build an exquisite profile of dark fruits and chocolate, with hints of stylish spices, making it truly a blast of flavours! Being distilled in 2015, we could look at maturation for at least another 6-10 years to hit a spot for possible bottling – or even longer!

Situated in Knock, Banffshire, the distillery of Knockdhu stands proudly under the ownership of Inver House Distillers. The distillery was established in 1893 and has ever since provided world-class whisky for dedicated whisky drinkers and collectors. Recently in 1994, the distillery changed its whisky’s name to anCnoc, to avoid mix-up with another distillery under a similar kind of name.

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