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What’s Trending in the Scotch Whisky Industry?

Monday 27 February 2023|

As we enter a new year in 2023, now is a great time to look at what is trending in the Scotch Whisky industry. The market for Scotch Whisky is always evolving, and the coming year will be no different. 

In this post, the team at Auction Your Cask takes a look at what is going to be trending in the industry going forward. Keep reading to learn more, and if you are interested in finding out about how to sell your cask of whisky, then please visit our website today. 


One of the biggest trends in the industry is innovation, which is occurring in a number of different ways. One example is distillers experimenting with new casks and maturation techniques. Alongside this, there has been the introduction of new and innovative bottling and packaging concepts too.

Specialty Styles

Secondly, whisky enthusiasts are becoming increasingly interested in specialty styles of Scotch Whisky such as single malt and blended malt. These styles are more complex and diverse compared with traditional blended whisky, and they’re becoming more popular with each year.

Growing Global Demand

Furthermore, global demand for Scotch Whisky continues to grow. Growth is particularly strong in India, the United States, France, and Brazil. A major part of this growth is coming from younger consumers, who are attracted to the rich history and heritage behind Scotch Whisky.


In addition to this, the Scotch whisky industry is increasingly focused on sustainability, with distillers making efforts to reduce their individual environmental impact. This includes increased use of renewable energy, as well as better waste management and water conservation measures being put into place.

Premium Scotch Whiskies

Lastly, premium Scotch Whiskies are becoming more popular too. More and more consumers are willing to pay more for these whiskies, as they’re a sign of quality and status. As a consequence, distillers are responding to this trend by introducing new products that are more expensive and of a higher quality.

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