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Summer Auction Highlights (2)

Whisky Casks

The exciting Summer Auction came to a close last Thursday, July 21st and the results were certainly intriguing…!

There were plenty of last-minute bidding wars as bidders attempted to seize the opportunity of a bargain at auction. The biggest bargain by far was the 2010 Girvan Grain Whisky Barrel, which garnered the most attention. It ended up selling for £1,400, £290 over the £1,110 reserve.

There have been many releases of Girvan as independent bottlings, as well as a whole series of single cask releases from William Grant themselves. Many of these bottlings are in the 25-to-50-year age range, which shows the longevity of this whisky.

The winning bidder has grasped the great opportunity to own a cask of grain whisky, where the reputation is steadily growing (Girvan is getting more than the lion’s share of positive reviews!). The owners have a strong distilling heritage with famous single malt brands Glenfiddich and The Balvenie in their stable.

Other highlights include the 2014 Glenrothes Hogshead, which went for £6,506, and the 2012 Benriach Hogshead for £7,000. 

As always, most of the remaining casks will be added to our next auction’s enticing line-up, or sold to the next highest interested bidder.

The next auction will go live on Monday, October 3rd and we are already sourcing casks for it. So, if you have one you'd like to auction or know a friend or family member who might don't hesitate to get in touch with us or fill out the cask valuation form.

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