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Spoiler alert! What casks can you expect in our first auction?

casks for auction

We are letting you in on the secret list of casks going into our January auction! One by one, we will be revealing them as the auction launch approaches!

For months we have been in touch with private cask owners and selecting these gems for our January 2020 auction! All of the casks have been recently re-gauged, which is one of our key requirements - we take the health-checks very seriously! 70cl samples have arrived, or are on the way, to our office for us and YOU to sample. We are also hosting a private sample tasting event on the 15th of January 2020. This event is a great way for the bidders to taste the whiskies before the auction commences on the 22nd of January! Can't make it? Order a sample - we are shipping worldwide! (We will be accepting sample orders starting in early January)

Aberfeldy 2005

Bourbon Barrel 

Founded by John Dewar & Sons in 1896, the distillery became the core of the company’s blended whisky which had been one of the best-selling brands since the mid 19th century. The distillery now has a stunning visitor complex hosting the Dewar’s World of Whisky facility.

Rarely seen as a single cask whisky or under independent label, this whisky is stunningly complex with notes of caramel and the distillery’s signature apple flavour.

Tasting notes: 

Colour: golden 

On the nose: Rich and warming – honey and honeycomb with hints of heather leading to pear and apples, cooked apples with a hint of spice.

On the palate: Delicious rich texture, some waxiness and more apple and sweet spice. Very drinkable even at cask strength.

Finish: Rich and lingering, honey and apple lasting very nicely.

"Lovely golden colour, immediately you get a gorgeous nose on this, the first thing that jumps out is honey. It is quite delicious and a great cask so far! It's only 14 years old and at 55% abv, it has the potential of easily going to 40 years."  - Leo Scott-Francis (who did the honours and was the first one to sample this beautiful liquid!)


Springbank 1995

Sherry Hogshead 

Springbank was founded in 1828 in Campbeltown, the then called "whisky capital of the world". To this day, it is a family-owned distillery where every part of the whisky making process is carried out onsite. 

With the signature Springbank characteristics in mind - of an oily and a little smoky whisky - James kindly offered to sample it and has provided tasting notes.:

Tasting notes: 

On the nose: seaweed, lemons and limes, oily and waxy

On the palate: Instantly sweeter than the nose gives away, with boiled sweets, Wuther’s original toffee, peatsmoke and fresh apples.

Finish: Peatsmoke, a hint of menthol, and chocolate orange

"It is the perfect candidate for a 30 year old Springbank. It already is 24 years old with plenty of room left for further ageing. You could even re-rack it and giving it an interesting finish, it's got great potential for soaking up even more flavour. Great for a medium-term investment." - Says James Russell, the office whisky buff!

Springbank 1995