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Here's a Sneak Preview of Our Summer Auction Line-Up

Whisky Cask Auction

19 July 12:00 - 29 July 20:00

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Our Summer Auction line-up is coming together nicely - below is a flavour of what's to come...

Ben Nevis Cask

1998 Ben Nevis

Located outside of Fort William in the dramatic rugged West Coast landscape, Ben Nevis Distillery opened way back in 1825. It was however first put on the map when it was bought by Japanese whisky company Nikka in 1989.

Since then, most of its production heads to the Japanese market and it is relatively rare to find many casks available. From an investment perspective, 23-year aged casks are becoming rarer to find, so the natural supply and demand of the market will make this a very savvy investment to hold until the whisky is 30 years old.

Of course, when whisky gets to this age it needs to be closely monitored, but as long as you don’t mind being flexible on your exit strategy then we would rate this a strong buy. Slàinte Mhath or Kampai as they say at Nikka!

Knockdhu Cask

2012 Knockdhu

Situated in Aberdeenshire on the Highland side of the border from the Speyside region Knockdu (translates to Black Hill), today is part of the Inver House Group. First opened in 1893 in the Victorian boom-time years this small distillery flew under the radar for the first 100 years of its existence.

However, since the turn of the century more and more single malt bottlings have been released and they have started winning plaudits at whisky awards and with enthusiasts alike. The style of whisky is quite sweet & floral, underpinned by a soft gentle smoke. It truly is delicious.

From an investment perspective, a nine-year-old cask will give you a lot of flexibility on your exit strategy as the magic ages of 12/15/18/21 are coming along every three years. Knockdhu (a.k.a AnCnoc) is certainly a distillery going places and may certainly be undervalued right now.

Benriach 2011

2011 Benriach

The Malt enthusiasts are starting to rave about Benriach. We think it has real long-term potential. We agree it's worth looking at who the previous owners are past and present (previously Billy Walker and now Brown-Forman...). In Benriach’s case, they are in very good hands and it's exciting to think about where this distillery will be in 5/10/20 years.

Speyside 1996

1996 Speyside

From an investor’s point of view, not only is Speyside a rising star that is bound to surprise people in the future, but it is incredible value for money. Also, it is becoming increasingly popular in the all-important Asian market and right now is already very popular in Taiwan. We can’t recommend this distillery enough! We would describe their whisky as quite light in style but with a wonderful depth of flavour. Our tasting notes when trying their bourbon cask talked of lots of floral, honey, citrus and grassy notes.

Tullibardine 1993

1993 Tullibardine

For the liquid they produce about three million litres per year with a 55 hour fermentation time. The style is generally quite sweet and floral, arguably more reminiscent of a gentle Speyside rather than a big bold and spicy highlander. The excellent news for investors is that it is remarkably good value still. Certainly worth adding to any portfolio.

Glenrothes 2014

Glenrothes 2012

2012 & 2014 Glenrothes 

From an investor point of view this distillery is already established as a growing Single Malt. It certainly doesn’t hurt that its two sister distilleries are Highland Park and The Macallan and we see the value of Glenrothes just continuing to rise.

Independent bottlers will snap this malt up and the fact that two years ago a 50 year expression was released (£25,000 per bottle!) shows it ages well and there is a versatile exit strategy. In conclusion this is a very investible distillery which could easily join the blue riband club of its two famous sisters. A valuable addition to any portfolio.

Speyside 2014

2014 Speyside

A newer Distillery having come on stream in 1990, Speyside Distillery has an excellent reputation amongst enthusiasts for producing a high-quality Whisky even when the spirit is very young. Investors should be excited by the massive distribution deal secured in China, as this is sure to result in a surge in demand for single cask bottlings.

Are there samples?

We go through a verification process with each seller (re-gauge), checking the health of the cask and requesting a sample. At this moment, only a limited number of samples is available to the buyers as the lockdown put hold on operations at warehouses and distilleries all over Scotland. If you would like to try some of the available samples, do not hesitate to contact Lee - 

Our Masters of Whisky Appreciation auction preview video is coming soon... In the meantime stay tuned to our YouTube channel for sample tastings and general whisky know-how from the Masters themselves!

Keep your eyes peeled for hammer time on 19th July and if you have any questions we are here to answer them for you!