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Frequently Asked Questions about cask ownership

cask whisky ownership

How can I insure my cask?

From the day you buy a cask, you are responsible for it's insurance. Auction Your Cask will provide a guide to insuring your cask and explain all of your options.

Can I Request Samples?

Yes! You can request samples of your whisky cask. You can also request a regauge to give an update on your cask's maturation.

Can I visit my Cask?

Yes. Some bonded warehouses allow you to visit your cask, and where this is not possible, we can arrange for your cask to be moved.

What are the storage charges?

Not much. Storage costs between 20 and 30 pence a week, but may vary depending on the warehouse.

Can I Bottle My Cask?

Yes! Please bear in mind that duty and VAT are payable before your bottles leave a bonded warehouse.

How Do I Know it's Real?

Due to strict government control, each cask has a paper trail known as a 'Delivery Order' and a unique cask number. We are stockists, not brokers and therefore, we buy, verify and re-gauge (health check) each cask before you will ever see it on the stock list.


See our cask whisky guides for more information or get in touch with us to discuss it further.