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Cask 'line up' for the upcoming auction

cask auction

14 August 12:00 - 23 August 20:00

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Who is the auction for?

The variety of casks and price points makes this auction open to anybody and everybody. The estimated value of the entered casks ranges between £1,500 (US$1,900) and £35,000 (US$45,000). Whether you are a first-time or seasoned buyer, know your whisky or not so much, are a collector, investor or an independent bottler, there is something for you! 

Diversify your investment portfolio by adding one of these exceptional casks to it. Or if you're just starting out, this is a very exciting way to "get in the game".

This platform was launched with the intention of creating an exit strategy for private individuals looking to part ways with their casks. As well as for private buyers to gain access to some difficult to find, old and rare casks of whisky.

What are the casks?

We've released a partial list, including detailed descriptions, of the entered casks to all of our registered and verified bidders. To highlight a few, we are pleased to have two 2015 Glen Ord casks, sister casks to the most bid on cask in our inaugural auction. It was a 1995 Springbank that sold for over £40 000 in that auction, making it the most expensive, also one of the most exclusive, casks. Springbank is one of the most popular distilleries among whisky drinkers and we are excited to bring in a 1993 Springbank for the upcoming auction.

What we're calling a 'Secret Speyside', is a 1992 Glenlivet. It is rarely seen on the market as a single malt, especially at this age! Originally the owner's of Bruichladdich cask, is a 2009 Bruichladdich filled into an Amarone cask on day 1, meaning the whisky's spent its entire life in a red wine cask from Northern Italy.

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Are there samples?

We go through a verification process with each seller (re-gauge), checking the health of the cask and requesting a sample. At this moment, only a limited number of samples is available to the buyers as the lockdown put hold on operations at warehouses and distilleries all over Scotland. If you would like to try some of the available samples, do not hesitate to contact Lee -

Two of our directors, Lee Tomlinson and Simon Aron, together with Sir Colin Hampden-White, tasted some of the samples in our brand new tasting room and you can watch the discussion on our Youtube channel


Stay tuned for the auction to go live on 14 August and if you have any questions we are here to answer them!