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Auction Your Cask as a Lucrative Exit Strategy

Whisky Cask Auction

As Cask Trade is a stockist of whisky casks, we supply private clients and independent bottlers across the world. Over 50% of our clients purchase casks of whisky to bottle and sell under their individual brand labels. It means there are lots of options for you to sell your cask, and enjoy the returns. Of course, we can also help you set a price for your cask to maximise your profit.

Auction Your Cask is the world's first, live, dedicated, online cask auction site. Here you can sell your cask to the highest bidder, and set an agreed "reserve" price, so you are protected against low bids. When you sell your cask through, there are 0% sellers fees. Our auction is held four times a year, and the next one is in just a few weeks' time.

Call for casks - Next Auction 11/04/22

Are you thinking of selling one of your casks? Contact us today and we'll add it to April's auction event for you. This time the auction will be a "bumper" one, and we expect 20 or more exciting casks of whisky to be available to buyers, so there will be plenty of interest!

What are the other possible exit strategies for my cask?

Uniquely, Cask Trade offers 5 different fully-managed exit strategies for you to choose from, so you are always in control.

1. Auction - at (see above)
2. Buyback - Cask Trade will make you an offer to purchase the cask back. This way, you are guaranteed a buyer, even at short notice. And there is 0% cost to you.
3. Private sale - As an alternative to auctioning, you can sell your cask to a third-party who is known to you. We are happy to help arrange this, and advise about pricing.
4. Our Stock List - Our stock list is regularly viewed by our clients globally. When it’s time to sell your cask we can advertise it for sale on our stock list at your target price, giving you access to the purchasing potential of a global audience.
5. Bottle Your Cask - For some people, owning a cask is more of a romantic journey than a financial one. You can choose to bottle your cask for a special occasion, or simply to share with family and friends. We can facilitate this bottling process upon request.

...Or, if you'd prefer to just wait a little longer, you can keep your cask maturing, under our care.

If you’ve got a cask to sell, or know a friend or family member who might, we want to know! Don’t hesitate to get in touch or fill out the cask valuation form, and let’s talk whisky!

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