Past and Present

1st Auction Highlights

cask whisky auction

Everybody at Auction Your Cask was excited to be a part of the first global, online, LIVE, cask dedicated auction in the world! It ended on 2 February after several intense months of building the platform, selecting casks, collecting samples and organising all the relevant paperwork. We won't bore you with the details and just give you the highlights!

Global interest 

Bidders from around the world took part in the auction. More than 300 whisky lovers registered to bid and over 100 samples were sent to prospective buyers in various parts of the world including America, Asia, Australia and Europe.
Simon Aron, the founder of Auction Your Cask, says: “People loved the option of receiving samples. Try before you buy is incredibly powerful. “We are encouraged by the first sale because of the number of people who registered. We intend to host an auction four times a year and it’s set to get bigger and better,” adds Simon, who explains the auction offered casks at many price points.

The most expensive cask sold
Among the casks sold during the auction was a 1995 Springbank sherry hogshead which was bought for over £40,000. Springbank is Simon's personal favourite distillery with its signature grassy and raw taste. 

The least expensive cask sold

Not only the least expensive but also with a major potential cask was the Glen Ord barrel, April 2015, which went for over £3,000. This cask increased in value by 80% in only 6 months! At 63.8% abv and only 5 years old, this whisky has got a long life ahead of itself and is perfect for a long-term investment. 

What's next?

We are already looking forward to the next auction launching in April 2020! It will be bigger and better with two tasting events in which you will be able to taste the whiskies heading in the auction and have a chance to chat to us in person! We will announce the events very soon.

Again, you will be able to order samples prior to the beginning as well as during the auction. 

 tasting event

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